Marina Mastroianni

Marina Mastroianni obtained in 2004 MSc in Chemistry with honors (chemical-physical-analytical specialization), at the “Federico II” University of Naples. She carried out under the direction of Prof. Liberato Ciavatta an experimental thesis on the potentiometric techniques of the Fe (III) complexes used in the pharmacological field.

She obtained the qualification for the profession of Chemist in 2005 and currently carries out the freelance profession.

She is an expert in the management systems of internal quality assessment processes related to the tests performed in the laboratory. She is supervisor of specific methods for the analysis of pollutants and micro-pollutants dispersed in the various environmental matrices, in particular water, air, waste, soils, soils.

She was a ward operator at the chemical laboratory SCAR LABS srl Company which operates in the field of environmental, food, cosmetics, finished product testing, safety and quality ( During this work experience she acquired deep knowledge in the field of environmental issues.

She developed and validated internal methods, contributing to the implementation of quality management systems according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018 (National accreditation system for testing and calibration laboratories) and calculation of uncertainty measurement.

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