Marco Lano

Marco Lano has a MSc in Geological Sciences at the University of Genoa, and enrolled in the Order of Geologists of Liguria since 1999. Since then has been carrying out professional activity in the field of applied geology within the professional Company s.a.G.A. based in Genoa and Alba (CN).

From 2000 to 2003, he held the position of geological surveyor for the CARG Project - Genova Sheet 213-230.

Since 2000he has been working as a member of Building and Landscape Commissions in various municipalities since 2000.

He carries out consultancy activities for public and private bodies in the field of territorial planning, building design, consolidation of landslides, restoration of the territory, study and mitigation of the elements of geomorphological and hydrogeological risk.

He has twenty years of experience in on-site geotechnical tests (DP, CPT, LPT, SPT, subsoil permeability, geophysical surveys, geognostic surveys) and site monitoring for the study of gravitational phenomena, behavior and safety of structures, with mobile and fixed equipment, also with continuous and remote control of the acquired data.

He carries out technical consultancy in the legal field both in the civil and criminal fields.

For twenty years he has been carrying out consultancy activities in the agricultural application field for the feasibility study and design of hydrogeological and Naturalistic Engineering interventions for the transformation and/or reuse of agricultural areas, even within areas recognized as failing.

Marco Lano