Geoscience for forensic services

Forensic geosciences are the application of different disciplines of earth sciences, geology, archeology, physics and chemistry to forensic cases. These disciplines can provide a useful key to understanding the environment in the context of numerous types of crimes, against the person, the environment or property, both in criminal and civil litigations.

Given the nature of numerous criminal dynamics carried out in open areas, the environment, not being closed system, plays a dual role, passive and active. Passive, as it can be the main repository of traces and evidence left by a victim or his aggressor. Active, because it can be protagonist of criminal dynamics, where, for example, it is abused in the design and construction of infrastructures, landfills or architectural artifacts, but also when it leaves trace evidence on clothing and objects.

The members of the Forensic Geosciences Italia ® team have proven experience in the field of forensic geosciences. They carry out technical consultancy activities for Courts, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Companies, and individuals; they collaborate with the Italian and foreign Law Enforcement Agencies for judicial cases and for the organization of training courses, and cooperate internationally with Universities and training Institutes for the organization of courses on forensic sciences.

Forensic services
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Forensic services

Geoscienze Forensi Italia ® team provides Courts, Prosecutors, Law firms, Organizations, Companies and individuals with numerous services, in the field and in the laboratory, relating to forensic geosciences, using laboratory and portable scientific instruments, innovative scientific techniques and with the support of certified analysis laboratories.

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Books and monographs on forensic geoscience  
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