Annamaria Ferrari

Anna Maria Ferrari has a degree in geological sciences with a focus on geochemistographics from the University of Padua. He has gained thirty years of experience in the field of stone applied to construction. Expert expert in the marble, stone and granite and geomaterials sector at the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, she is registered in the register of Experts of the Court of Verona – civil and criminal section – and has followed various partisan consultancy also for TÜVRheinland Italia in the quality accreditations of companies in the lapideo sector. He has taught for over 15 years as a geologist expert in marble, granite and stone in professional schools for operators and technicians in the sector and is a teacher in three-year courses with regional funding of restoration applied to stone. Also for the sector, she was a lecturer in the University Master of II Level "PIETRA" held at the Politecnico di Milano (2012); lecturer at the University of Padua and Ferrara; professor of petrographic techniques in a course held at the Engineering group of Prime Materials of the Politecnico di Torino DIATI; lecturer in the module "Geology, type and characteristics of stone material" and in the module "regulations and tests on the material" in the university Master held during Marchmacc (2014) Verona Fair and Veneto District; lecturer and tutor under the aegis of UNIDO for experts of The Palestinian Stone and Marble Center (PSMC).

Author of the scientific project first (Objective 5B of the European Community) and then responsible for 5 years, of the Laboratory of Tests on Stone of Volargne (VR), he held technical interventions related to the physical-mechanical characteristics of stone materials in the construction sector and the CE mark in Italy and abroad.

She was a UNI member of the CEN TC 246 Materiali Lapidei group; of the European working groups CEN TC WG1 eWG2 applied to the elaboration of petrographic tests and investigations on Dimensional Stones, and of the ORGANOTecnico UNI U873006 "Raised Floors".

He collaborated with the superintendence of Verona and in 2014 he won an individual collaboration assignment with Professor Lazzarini of LAMA – Laboratory for the Analysis of Ancient Materials with the aim of researching ancient and modern quarries in Verona.

Scientific columnist, he has published more than 70 publications including the petrographic description of the marbles in "The Tuscan Marble Identities" and of the materials in "The Tuscan Stone Identities", a box set created by IMM Carrara, ICE Ministry of Development, Tuscany region and Tuscany Production (2010) and travertines in "Travertine of Siena" by Alinea Editrice (2010) and author of the text being printed "Le pietre della Fede.San Zeno" with an analytical study on the stones present in the Basilica Zenoniana of Verona. Co-author of the blog the

Consultant for technical testing laboratories in Vicenza, Verona and Trentino, for which he also carries out the petrographic study of stones according to European legislation, he has followed as CTU and CTP national and international consultancy cases (Russia, China, Taiwan, France, Denmark, Kuwait, Spain).

She is a gemologist accredited by the IGI Antwerp


Annamaria Ferrari