Applied geology and geotechnics

Applied Geology and Geotechnics play a fundamental role as a detailed analysis tool for identifying any liability profiles in civil and criminal matters following direct or induced material damage.

With the use of appropriate investigations on-site where and through the effective analysis and interpretation of the data, it is possible to identify the predisposing and triggering causes that caused a phenomenon.

The choice of investigations and tests to be carried out is a fundamental step for the correct reconstruction of the facts that have occurred and of the factors that caused them. The contribution of an expert technical consultant is decisive for everything that develops downstream of these scientific results during a judicial proceeding.

For millennia, the development of civilization and anthropic expansion have caused increasingly mutual and recurrent interactions between humans and natural phenomena. Each country has equipped itself with complex and gradually more detailed regulatory systems, aimed at regulating and/or directing interventions on the territory.

The geologist expert in Applied Geology assumes a supporting role to the Jurist in determining the correct, or not, observance of these specific rules.


Geological and geomorphological survey

Geo-mechanical - structural survey

Analysis and consolidation of landslides

Reorganization of the territory

Hydrogeology and subsoil waters

Territorial planning

Thematic cartography at various scales

Environmental remediation

Geological consultancy in litigation

Design consultancy

Administrative procedures analysis

GIS processing

Investigations and tests

On-site geotechnical tests

Geognostic surveys

Continuous core drilling environmental surveys

Undisturbed sampling

Inclinometer monitoring

Installation and monitoring with fixed systems

Permanent remote access with fixed mounting

Geophysics and seismic characterization of the subsoil

Physical and mechanical analysis of soil - rock samples

Chemical analysis of soil - rock samples

Elevation plane surveys also with drone