Forensic Geoscience

Forensic Geoscience is the application of different branches of Earth Science (e.g. geology, geophysics and geochemistry) to criminal investigation. The aim of forensic geosciences is to support the investigation by means of the search and the analysis of the geological evidence. The branches of Geoscience that can apply to forensic field are various, for instance:

Pedology and mineralogy: comparative and recognitive analysis of soils, rocks and geological matrixes concerning a large range of crimes: homicide, kidnapping, crimes of terrorism, rape, robbery, damaging etc.

Geophysics: analysis of territory in order to search and locate cavities, bunkers, graves, objects buried in the ground, weapons, firearms, illegal dumping ground and areas with an elevate pollution rate.

Geochemistry: investigations of environmental pollution (emissions into air, water and soil) aimed to identify the origin and nature of pollutants and possible interactions among them.

Geotechnical: investigations aimed at assessing the liability in case of failure and collapse of buildings, landslide and geological instabilities.

Who we are

The team of Forensic Geoscience Italy is a group managed by geologists, geophysicists and geochemists who have valuable experience in the field of forensic applications. The team provides forensic services concerning geology, geophysics and gechemistry. The team members are:

Dr. Rosa Maria Di Maggio (pedology, mineralogy, petrography)

Dr. Pier Matteo Barone (geo-archaeology, geophysics)

Dr. Carlotta Ferrara (geophysics)

Dr. Elena Graciotti (environmental geology, geochemistry)

Dr. Andrea Banchelli (engineering geology)

Partners and advisers

The team of Forensic Geoscience Italy collaborates with experts of other branches of forensic science and with international experts of the international forensic world:

Dr. Laurance J Donnelly (forensic geology)

Prof. Lorna Dawson (forensic soil science)

Dr. Elena Pilli (forensic biology)

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Travaglini (forensic palynology and botany)

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